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How Our Dentists In Tunbridge Wells Make Smiles Beautiful

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How Our Dentists In Tunbridge Wells Make Smiles Beautiful

Do you know the saying ‘when you smile, the whole world smiles with you’? It’s true because when you smile at someone, it’s highly likely that they will smile back at you and continue to smile at the next person they see. Smiling is infectious, and when you smile, it shows that you are happy, and it conveys confidence. Unfortunately, though some people are self-conscious about their teeth, and for this reason, they avoid smiling, which is such a shame as they could easily get a dental appointment with a dentist in Tunbridge Wells, Kent who could give them their smile and confidence back. But how do they do that?


Dentists Look At Your Whole Face

Dental experts don’t just have one picture and measurement of a smile which works for everyone; to determine a beautiful smile for each patient, they use a wide array of tools and techniques and take into account individual facial features, skin tone, hair colour, as well as how the size, color, and condition of their teeth blend with the overall appearance. Once they have this, they can design a plan to create a beautiful smile that’s perfect for them. It is a mix of artistic design and science, and to get it right, a lot of hard work goes into it. But to get a winning smile, it’s worth it.


A Blue Print Is Created

Yes, just like an architect designing a building, your dentist in Royal Tunbridge Wells, will create a blueprint of your mouth and smile once the personalised plan is in place. This blueprint could include crowns, veneers, gum reshaping, implants, and even the whitening of existing teeth to create the ultimate smile just right for each patient.


Lips Are Used As A Frame

When getting cosmetic dentistry, your lips are used as the frame for the masterpiece. They don’t just provide a fantastic outline for your new smile, but they provide guidelines to create the perfect smile. For example, according to cosmetic dentists, facial features should line up to teeth and lip lines, and if you’re looking for a youthful smile, then what you are really looking for is the upper front teeth to fill between 75 and 100 percent of the space between your upper and lower lips when you’re smiling fully.


An Imaginary Vertical Line Is Drawn

As mentioned, there is science behind this, and research shows that for optimal esthetics, the midline should be in the middle of the face, which is between the two upper front teeth. However, if you have other facial features that are not symmetrical, dentists will measure a point between the eyebrows and the Cupid’s bow in the center of the upper lip to ensure that your get the perfect smile for your face.


Color plays a small part.

Many people think that just having bright white teeth is what creates the perfect smile, but actually, the most important factor is the set up of the teeth rather than the colour. While most people want a white smile as well, many are actually satisfied when their teeth simply look natural and straight, providing a beautiful and natural smile.


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