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Orthodontic Treatment at iSmile

What is Orthodontics? – Orthodontic treatments like braces help to move teeth that are crooked or that do not fit together properly. By fixing these problems, orthodontics can also help keep your mouth healthy. Crooked teeth can be harder to clean, putting you at risk for cavities and gum disease.

Braces are made of bands, wires and brackets. They gently move teeth into the right position. This can fix the way you bite together.


Using X-rays and other tools, Dr Simon Azimi will decide if orthodontic treatments are right for you.


When should treatment begin? – Dr. Simon Azimi will decide when the best age to start is. However, in most cases, the best age is between 10 and 14. This is when a child’s head and mouth are still growing and teeth are easier to straighten. But patients can get braces at any age. In fact, more and more adults are getting braces.


For best results, practice good oral care.


Braces have tiny spaces where pieces of food and plaque can accumulate. This can cause staining, white spots, tooth decay, and gum disease, this is why it is important to brush and use floss or interdental brushes as indicated by Dr. Simon Azimi.


How your teeth and gums look when braces come off has a lot to do with how you treat them while the braces are on.



Here are some tips to cut down on treatment time:


  • Practice good oral care
  • Use tools designed for braces, like floss threaders, interdental brushes, and electric toothbrushes specifically designed for orthodontics.
  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste and clean between teeth after meals.
  • Use fluoride or antibacterial oral rinse.


Protect your braces


  • Don’t chew on pens, straws, or ice cubes.
  • Don’t bite your nails or play with elastics.
  • Don’t eat hard or sticky foods