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Dental Implants

Dental Implants In Tunbridge Wells From iSmile Dental Clinic

iSmile Dental Clinic is a leading implant dentist in Tunbridge Wells. Find out more about how our dental implants can improve your health and boost your self-confidence.
There’s no denying that losing a tooth can have a devastating impact in many ways. For instance, there will be a noticeable gap in your mouth that can lead to a loss of self-confidence and lower one’s esteem.

Plus, there are also some health implications to consider with tooth loss. Did you know that tooth loss can cause adjacent teeth to ‘drift’? And some tooth-loss patients that also have gum disease increase the risk of developing an ischemic stroke.

Dental implants are a proven way to lessen and even eradicate the likelihood of those problems significantly. They look and feel natural, and they offer a whole host of benefits to patients that have experienced tooth decay and tooth loss.


Dental Implants In Tunbridge Wells :

iSmile Dental Clinic is a leading implant dentist in Tunbridge Wells that offers dental implants for men and women. Whether you need an Implantologist or cosmetic dentist, our family-friendly dental practice boasts an expert dental team to meet your clinical need

Dental Implants In Tunbridge Wells From iSmile Dental Clinic

Why dental implants?

If you experience tooth loss, dental implants offer an array of benefits, aside from the obvious cosmetic advantages. For example, they ensure that your bite gets distributed evenly across your mouth whenever you eat.

Dental implants also improve your speaking ability, as tooth loss can cause speech issues in many patients. They even improve your facial appearance, not just in your mouth, because they prevent bone loss.

You’ll also find that dental implants help you avoid other health problems, such as:

  • Jaw joint issues;
  • Chewing difficulties;
  • Stress on other parts of your mouth;
  • The shifting of existing teeth.


How are dental implants made?

When you need a dentist in Tunbridge Wells for dental implants, you can rely on iSmile Dental Clinic to serve your dental needs. One of the questions we often get asked is, how are dental implants made?

Dental implants get constructed in three sections. Firstly, there’s the titanium-based screw section that integrates with the bone. Secondly, you have an implant abutment that slots into the titanium. And, third, there is a porcelain crown – the visible section of the dental implant.


What is the process of having dental implants?

There are several steps needed for having dental implants:

  • Planning. Our expert dental team will examine your mouth and determine the best course of action to plan your dental implants. At this stage, you may need specialised imaging include 3D x-ray scans to assess your needs fully;
  • Implant Placement. We’ll place your specially-designed implants in your mouth. Gum tissue and bone will start forming around your implants;
  • Healing. It takes several weeks for the bone to form around the base of your dental implants;
  • Abutment Placement. After the healing process completes, the abutment gets installed;
  • Porcelain Crown Placement. The crown gets bonded to the abutment, thus concluding the dental implant process.


How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are permanent tooth-loss solutions. The planning stage of the dental implant process at iSmile Dental Clinic ensures a perfect fit for your implants. Each implant gets designed to look and feel like a natural tooth.

You don’t need to have dental implants replaced. Typically, the only times they might need replacement are due to contact trauma.


Dental implants versus bridges

There is a significant difference between dental implants and bridges. For example, bridges require the grinding of healthy adjacent teeth, whereas implants don’t need support from neighbouring teeth.

Bridges can also cause long-term damage to those adjacent teeth as they get subjected to forces beyond their threshold. Gaps can also occur between teeth and bridges, causing bacteria and decay.


Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Any person is a candidate for dental implants if they have one or more missing teeth. We typically wouldn’t fit dental implants on children or teenagers as their dental and facial bones are still forming.

It makes sense to have a dental implant shortly after tooth extraction. However, it’s also possible to have dental implants years after teeth extractions.


How to get dental implants

If you’d like to have one or more dental implants, please contact our friendly team at iSmile Dental Clinic on 01892 547286 to book a free consultation.